Our firm’s four core philosophies are: discipline, accountability, transparency and measurable results.

A law firm’s reputation in today’s environment rises and falls on its ability to get good results for the client. Hiring a law firm to represent your interests is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Choose wisely.

The quality of the relationship between lawyer and client, and the satisfaction it brings, depends largely on mutual trust, compatibility and good communication.

In our opinion, many law firms take more cases than they can properly handle, tending to shortchange clients by not giving their matters the attention they deserve. This “client neglect” results in a lawyer that doesn’t promptly return calls, seems irritated when you ask basic questions, or is constantly behind the “eight ball” when trying to meet deadlines in YOUR case.

At Sigmon Law we prefer a different approach—a highly selective process that involves us taking the right case (read: fewer) that in turn allows us to dig deep for uncommon results.

The best compliment we get is when a client says they feel as if their case is the only one we’re working on. That’s how it should be. At Sigmon Law, we strive to serve clients with exacting attention to detail and responsiveness.

Effective Counsel. Focused Strategy. Measurable Results.