What Personal Injury Victims Need to Know About Colossus

Colossus is a software system used by more than 300 insurance companies to evaluate and calculate settlement values on personal injury claims. Insurance companies assert that Colossus is a positive tool that helps streamline the settlement process for insurance companies and injured parties. However, the attorneys at Sigmon Law PLLC know that Colossus favors the insurance companies over the claimants.

Colossus Is Not Applied to Every Personal Injury Claim

Usually, insurance companies use Colossus for claims involving injuries that are minor to moderate in severity, such as soft tissue injuries, broken bones, pinched nerves and herniated discs. Insurance companies do not use Colossus to determine settlement values for wrongful death claims or burns, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and other severe trauma. Additionally, Colossus does not account for medical issues that go hand-in-hand with many soft tissue injuries, like dizziness, depression, anxiety, headaches, nausea, radiating pain and other problems that interfere with the victim’s ability to engage in everyday activities. Therefore, it is common for Colossus to calculate an inadequate settlement value. When the insurance company offers the victim a settlement that does not reflect all of the victim’s pain and suffering, he needs the help of a Houston personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Victims Deserve an Appropriate Settlement

Since Colossus heavily relies on the information provided by health professionals, it is crucial that the victim’s doctor thoroughly documents all of the victim’s injuries. Incomplete and wrongly worded documentation often causes Colossus to undervalue personal injury claims. However, even complete injury documentation does not ensure that the victim will receive a fair settlement. An experienced Houston personal injury attorney at Sigmon Law PLLC can make the insurance company see the victim as more than just a number in a computer system. Those who feel that the insurance company’s settlement is less than fair should contact Sigmon Law PLLC today to schedule a case evaluation and get the settlement amount they deserve.