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18 wheelers are huge motor vehicles. Because of their size and momentum (particularly when at high speeds) the results of a truck crash can be devastating.

Common causes of Truck Crashes

Driver fatigue is one of the top causes of truck crashes. Although experienced drivers, many truck operators are overworked and therefore fatigued when when making long trips under the wheel. This can be extremely dangerous for obvious reasons. It is estimated that fatigue plays a role in about 40 percent of the truck crashes that occur each year.

Other causes of truck crashes include:

  • excessive speed
  • defective equipment
  • a poorly-maintained truck
  • intoxication

In many cases, the trucking company can be sued for negligence if one of their operators is found to have caused a crash.


The Importance of Keeping Trucking Companies from Destroying Evidence

Federal law requires that trucking companies keep evidence, but only for a certain time period. Right after a crash involving a semi truck, you need an attorney to send a spoliation letter. Without this letter, the trucking company may be able to legally destroy the trail of guilt.


Case Evaluation in Truck Crashes

We are often asked about case value, or the amount of compensation one can expect if a case settles or goes to trial. The answer to that question depends on a number of variables:

  • the severity of your injuries
  • your occupation
  • your age
  • who is liable (who can be sued)
  • the amount of insurance money available
  • the state where a lawsuit is filed


Who do I sue if I or a loved one is harmed or killed by a truck?

Usually you sue the negligent driver and the company who owns the truck and/or its cargo. Corporations are also responsible: they hire the drivers of their trucks and are responsible for the safe transport of goods on the U.S. interstate highway system. As such, they need to be held accountable when a preventable harm occurs.

An effective Houston personal injury attorney sorts out the responsible parties that contributed to the crash, and holds them accountable.  The parties to a semi truck crash lawsuit may include one or more of the following:

  • The Commercial Vehicle Owner
  • The Owner of the Freight
  • The Driver of the Truck
  • The Employer
  • The Manufacturer of the Cab, Trailer or Any Piece of Equipment
  • Third-Party Maintenance Companies


Common Injuries

Serious injuries (e.g. head trauma, spinal cord harm, neck injury) are a common byproduct of truck crashes. Unfortunately, death is also a likelihood in many instances of truck crashes.

A concussion is the most common type of head injury. A severe head injury can result in permanent brain damage. It can also cause the brain cells to die. Dilated pupils, inability to speak, headaches, loss of consciousness and balance problems are some of the symptoms of a head injury. Keep in mind that the symptoms of a head injury may not show up right away. That is why you will need to see a physician if you suspect that you have a head injury.

Whiplash is the most common neck injury. It is an injury that occurs when the neck rapidly moves back and forth. It causes the ligaments in the neck to extend outside of their normal range of motion. The neck can easily be broken in a truck crash.

A spinal cord injury can cause total or partial paralysis. Many people are required to have lifelong care after a spinal cord injury.

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