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Manufacturers become liable when their product becomes dangerous and causes harm because of a defect. No two product claims are the same: there are many differences between what can cause a product to malfunction and then cause injury.

The “big three” product liability claims involving dangerous products and the main sources for failure are:

Manufacturing Defect –

This occurs when the product is actually being produced. It is classified as defective when the product that is built does not meet the specifications that are laid out during the design process.

In other words, the manufacturer has not followed its own safety rules or those of its particular industry. Using cheap material, faulty machinery, or having poorly trained employees are all examples.

Design Defect –

This occurs when the product is faulty from inception. Design defect cases must prove that changing the product’s design could have prevented the injury – which also proves that a safer alternative design is possible.

In these types of cases, an injury would have occurred regardless of how flawlessly the product was manufactured because again, it was defective from the very beginning.

Failure to Warn –

This occurs when a manufacturer does not properly warn consumers regarding all of the potential dangers that could occur from using the product. Be aware that this is only applicable when the manufacturer knew or should have known about the risk.

In the tragic event of a consumer being injured, sickened, or killed by a defective product, Sigmon Law offers knowledgeable and effective legal representation to those seeking full and fair compensation for their harms and losses.

We provide expertise in cases involving:

  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Auto Manufacture & Design
  • Defective Building Design
  • Defective Car Seats and Seat Belts
  • Defective Drugs
  • Defective Lawnmowers
  • Defective Medical Equipment and Devices
  • Defective Construction Equipment
  • Defective Home Repair Equipment
  • Defective Tires
  • Defective Toys and Baby Products
  • Pool Equipment

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