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Although medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs have revolutionized health care, when they are defective these devices and drugs can have disastrous consequences. If a medical device manufacturer designs and sells a defective medical device that ends up injuring public consumers, the manufacturing companies and drug companies should be held accountable.

When a medical device is discovered to be defective, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to inform the FDA and the public about the flaw and any potential risks that may arise. If the manufacturer does not properly inform the public and the FDA in a timely manner, it may be considered negligent and therefore liable for injuries, illnesses or deaths that may occur.

If you become injured by a defective medical device, you and your family deserve to be compensated for your harms and losses, including medical expenses and mental anguish. Filing a claim against a negligent manufacturing company is often the only means of holding the company (and sometimes the industry at large) responsible for its actions. This is particularly important in instances where consumers have been killed by the devices or drugs.

At Sigmon Law, we know how sensitive and difficult wrongful death cases and medical device and pharmaceutical product liability claims are.

If you have been harmed by a defective medical device or dangerous drug, please contact the medical device attorneys at Sigmon Law, PLLC. Our office serves clients across the United States.

Our firm is currently working on cases involving IVC Filters and Xarelto.

IVC Filters

Retrievable IVC filters are wire devices implanted in the vena cava, the body’s largest vein, to stop blood clots from reaching the heart and lungs. These devices are used when blood thinners are not an option. Manufacturers of the filters include Bard, Cook and Johnson & Johnson. While permanent IVC filters have been used since the 1960s with few reports of product failure, the retrievable variety (introduced in 2003) has been used to promote bariatric surgery, trauma surgery and orthopedic surgery. Known risks associated with these devices include migration, fracture and perforation, leading to embolism, organ damage and wrongful death. Contact Sigmon Law here if you have an IVC filter claim.


Almost everyone has taken some kind of medication at some point in their lives. Usually, modern pharmaceuticals are very effective at treating a wide variety of medical conditions. Whether taking medication occasionally for a temporary condition or everyday to treat a chronic medical problem, people have come to rely upon the medications that they take. People expect their medications to be safe to use and to be free from dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, sometimes using medications such as Xarelto can cause serious injuries and even death. If you have experienced problems after taking Xarelto, you need to talk to an attorney.

The blood thinner Xarelto has been linked to serious side effects including internal bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, brain bleed and death. Xarelto blood thinner litigation has been consolidated in the Eastern District of Louisiana. Contact Sigmon Law here if you have a Xarelto claim.

Ernesto Sigmon is an experienced Xarelto attorney in Houston. He has over 20 years of experience at litigating personal injury and product liability cases. Litigating an injury case based on a prescription medication like Xarelto can be very complicated. Do not try to battle the large pharmaceutical companies with just any lawyer. You need to hire an experienced Xarelto lawyer Texas to handle your case. If you have suffered side effects after taking Xarelto, call Sigmon Law PLLC for a free consultation today.

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