Personal Injury Lawyer Houston

Legal Assistance for the Victims of Car Crashes

If you or a loved one is the victim of a life altering or life ending car crash, you should consider turning to the legal team at Sigmon Law PLLC.

The Risks of Driving

Driving in and around Dallas and Houston (or anywhere for that matter) can be risky. Heavy urban traffic, rural roads that may not be properly maintained or vehicles with bad brakes or tires, all present challenges to drivers on the road. Drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are simply reckless also pose a substantial risk. If you are involved in a serious car crash under any of these circumstances, you will almost certainly need the assistance of an effective personal injury lawyer Houston.

What to do After a Serious Car Crash

The main concern after the crash should be treating those who are injured. To be certain, injuries involving the neck, back or internal organs are serious and require extensive intervention. If possible, take down the names of the other drivers and any witnesses, and use your cell phone to record images of the vehicles involved. You should then consider talking to an effective personal injury lawyer Houston.

Help for the Victims

Damages may be sought to cover medical bills and lost wages, and for the pain and suffering related to the injury. Members of a victim’s family may also seek damages to compensate for their personal suffering. However, the insurance company representing the other party may attempt to settle for an inadequate amount, or may even try to place the blame on you in order to avoid paying anything. A lawyer will closely examine the facts of the case in order to reach the best possible outcome, allowing you to obtain the justice that you deserve.

It is for these and other reasons why the victims of serious car crashes need legal assistance from Sigmon Law PLLC. Contact us today at (713) 333-7979.