Bus Accident Statistics

Many people think that traveling by bus is safer than traveling by car or plane. However, there are statistics to prove that this may not necessarily be true. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that 1,093 fatal bus accidents occurred between 2000 and 2007.

Many people think that inexperienced drivers are the ones who cause accidents. However, studies have shown that only 17 percent of bus drivers showed signs of risky behavior before getting into an accident.

Common Causes of Accidents

Driver distraction is one of the top causes of bus accidents. Cell phone use and eating are some of the ways that bus drivers can get distracted while on the road. Bus accidents are also more likely to occur in urban areas. Poor road conditions are another one of the things that can contribute to bus accidents.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

Whiplash is a common bus accident injury. Whiplash occurs when the head suddenly moves forward and backward. Swelling, neck pain and tenderness are some of the symptoms of whiplash. A whiplash injury can potentially worsen if it is not properly treated.

Head and spinal cord injuries are also extremely common. The reason that head and spinal cord injuries are common in bus accidents is because people can easily be thrown around on a bus because there are no seatbelts. Broken bones are other injuries that are extremely common. The impact of the crash can be so powerful that it can cause multiple broken bones.

Additionally, people can easily develop lacerations and cuts from broken grass. It is important to have lacerations and cuts immediately treated in order to prevent infection.

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