Houston Business Litigation Attorney

Conflicts over who control of business can threaten its existence, thus harming partners and shareholders.

People don’t go into business to lose money. Nonetheless, this is what often happens when these types of disputes get out of hand. Business control disputes occur in almost any business context and have the potential to ruin a business as otherwise good people behave very badly.

Sigmon Law understands that resolving a business control dispute requires proven skill at the negotiating table and a generous dose of practical creativity. While a bit cliché, you really need a lawyer that can “think outside the box” by understanding the shared value of “interests” rather than “positions”.

This kind of approach often leads to positive outcomes and tangible results. The result may be a new ownership structure, revised operating agreements or an agreed, non-hostile buyout. As in life, some business “marriages” also fail and need dissolution. Our firm is there to help if this unfortunate event occurs.

On the other hand, if we can’t disagree without being disagreeable, then we may have to resort to traditional means to dissolve the enterprise. In any circumstance however, our firm is trained to consider the risk-reward ratio and opportunity cost of any recommendation we make to a client—including the decision to go to court.

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