Houston Business Litigation Lawyer

Most business owners, investors and entrepreneurs have heard the horror stories: “the deal went wrong”, “I lost my money in a Ponzi scheme”, “someone stole my business idea”, “the terms of the contract have been violated and I’m now suffering financial harm.”

The folks that lobby against our constitutionally protected right to a fair day in court would have you believe that the only folks that bring lawsuits are those that have been physically hurt and are now looking to sue a corporate interest for some form of “jackpot justice”.

This anti-plaintiff propaganda is insulting. It is also highly inaccurate and misleading. In truth, as the world becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, more and more business people are finding themselves in need of trial lawyers that handle commercial matters and that are unafraid to go to trial if the matter cannot be resolved outside of court.

It is here that a client truly begins to understand that business litigation can also be extremely “personal” In nature.

The investment of a lifetime may be at stake; or it could be a company’s future on the line—along with the jobs and financial security it provides for company employees and their families. Taken further, these intensely important considerations may very well have to turn on the decision of a jury.

Sigmon Law prides itself on understanding the legal risks and rewards of taking a business matter to trial as well as the subtleties of the underlying business dynamic.

We know firsthand the intricacies of the business world across a wide range of industries and verticals and have a practical, perspective on deals and commercial transactions that strongly complement our ability in the courtroom.

Many “corporate” lawyers pride themselves on never setting foot in court. This often self imposed limitation works to our advantage and allows Sigmon Law to distinguish itself from the field. Having this distinction is what lead Ernesto Sigmon to pursue a master’s degree in business and to work “on the ground” as a technology investment banker and as an executive in the energy/utility space.

Combining this level of business exposure with focused courtroom skill and legal experience matches well to the litigation needs of today’s business community and bodes especially well for our clients.

Business litigation matters may range from conversion of property to shareholder derivative lawsuits.

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