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We wanted to remind you to drive safe in Houston, TX. Therefore we have provided access to the Houston Transtar Houston Road Closures and Harris County Road Closures.

Scroll down to see a complete list of Houston and Harris County freeway incidents, street incidents, vehicle stalls, and other road closures.

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The above list also denotes high water road closures in Houston, as well as, Ice on roadway warnings.

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Safe Driving Practices for Houston Roadways

  1. Avoid driving in inclement weather if at all possible.
  2. Always wear your seat-belt when driving.
  3. Never drink and drive, or drive under the influence of mind altering substances.
  4. Slow down. Excessive speed is one of the largest contributing factors in Texas roadway fatalities.
  5. Beware of black ice.
  6. Put down your cell phone and mobile device. Texting and driving, and being distracted by mobile devices is becoming a large contributing factor to US roadway fatalities.
  7. Avoid tailgating. Tailgating will shorten your available reaction time in an emergency situation and also increases the likelihood of road rage.
  8. Don’t brake during a turn. Traction is generated by rolling tires. Braking during a turn increases the chance that your wheels will lose traction during a critical moment. Ensure that your speed is safe before entering the turn.
  9. Turn into a skid. This is the best way to regain control of your vehicle during a skid.

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