Construction Accidents – You Have Rights

If you work in construction, the chance of an injury is likely never far from your mind. When the worst happens, it can be hard to know what to do. Here’s what you need to know about construction injuries in Texas:

How Injuries Happen

Your employer has a duty to keep you safe. They need to ensure that their workers are qualified to do the work. They need to provide you with the right safety equipment and tools. Construction plans need to be sound and prepared by qualified experts.

If your employer doesn’t do any of these things, the result can be a devastating injury. When that happens, there are Texas laws that protect you. Many times, what you can recover financially depends on whether your employer acted negligently and whether that negligent behavior resulted in your injuries.

Workers’ Compensation in Texas

Construction law can be confusing. Sometimes, workers’ compensation applies to the case, and sometimes it does not. If your employer participates in the workers’ compensation system, that might be an avenue for you to recover compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

However, if your employer does not subscribe to the workers’ compensation system, there’s no limit to how much they might have to pay in damages in the event that you’re hurt. If the employer does not subscribe to workers’ compensation, the result is often a highly contested legal battle. It’s critical that you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer Houston or Dallas to pursue your interests aggressively.

How a lawyer can help

Sigmon Law PLLC represents individuals who suffer from construction injuries. They are the personal injury lawyer Dallas team that evaluates your injury from every possible angle in order to determine the best course of action. They evaluate contracts and business relationships to make sure that you recover from every company or entity that contributed to your injury. They help you receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and even lost wages. When a client gets what they truly deserve, it’s a successful day at Sigmon Law PLLC.