When a person has been injured because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, they often realize that they need to hire a lawyer to help recover full compensation for their harms and losses and to handle medical bills and other expenses caused by the event.  This is especially true if the person is seriously, or catastrophically, injured.

This begs the question: “I know I need a lawyer, but how am I going to afford one?”

Contingency Fee Agreements & Personal Injury Lawyers

At Sigmon Law, PLLC, we take personal injury cases on contingency, which is another way of saying that our firm doesn’t receive a fee unless the case is successfully resolved, and the Defendant compensates you for your losses.  You, the client, pay nothing out of pocket for our service and counsel.  This video explains the process. Visit our contact page to speak directly with one of our lawyers.

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You Can Afford to Hire a Houston Injury Attorney

A contingency fee is simply an agreement with your lawyer that his or her fee is contingent upon a successful recovery in your case.

A successful recovery, either through a settlement agreement or through a favorable verdict at trial, will net the Plaintiff (our client) monetary compensation for damages and losses resulting from the event.

Once those proceeds come in, the lawyer’s expenses associated with the case are reimbursed. This expenses include for example: deposition costs, expert witness fees, and the lawyers fee for handling the matter.

Once those expenses are accounted for, then the balance of the funds are distributed to the Plaintiff (along with a full written accounting statement) as compensation for their harms and losses.

What is the Standard Contingency Fee?

Most contingency fees range anywhere from 33.3% to 45% of the client’s recovery.  Each lawyer is different and contingency fees will vary, so it is important for you to discuss this with your attorney and to fully understand the agreement before making a hiring decision.

Contingency Fees Are Often The “Keys To The Courthouse”

The average person that has been injured generally tends to be just that: the average hardworking citizen.  A lot of folks don’t have the financial means to afford to pay an attorney or trial lawyer at the going hourly rate or to cover the expenses associated with advancing their case.  Contingency fee agreements therefore are critical in enabling well deserving plaintiffs the ability to hire qualified, effective counsel when they have been injured.

There is no out of pocket expense to the client on the front end, and the lawyer is not compensated unless he or she produces results.