When Visiting Hours Are Over: What You Must Know About Nursing Home Abuse

If you have an elderly loved one who is living in a nursing home, you might assume that this is the best place for him or her to receive care. However, you should know that nursing home abuse is a real thing that you should watch out for. Luckily, there are resources out there that can help.

It’s More Common Than You Think

First of all, if you think that nursing home abuse is uncommon, you should guess again. Nursing home abuse comes in many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse, such as slapping, kicking or punching
  • Emotional abuse, such as saying things to upset the resident
  • Sexual abuse, from requiring unnecessary disrobing to molestation and rape
  • Financial exploitation, such as stealing money or changing the person’s will or power of attorney documents
  • Neglect, such as not ensuring that the person is being properly fed, given his or her medication, changed or bathed

If you think that your loved one might be a victim to some type of abuse or neglect, is important to take action immediately.

There are Laws to Protect Your Loved One

There are laws in place to protect elderly people who are living in nursing homes and other facilities from neglect and abuse. The State of Texas has laws in place that require that these facilities provide a certain level of care for all of their residents. A personal injury lawyer Dallas can explain these laws to you and talk to you about your loved one’s specific situation.

An Attorney Can Help

If you have reason to believe that your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home setting, it is important to act quickly. However, you probably are not going to want to act alone; instead, you may want to work with a Houston personal injury attorney who understands the law and knows how to proceed.

If you need help with your case or if you’d just like to find out more, contact us at Sigmon Law PLLC today.