2016 is drawing to a close and what a remarkable year it was.

At Sigmon Law, we are closing out 2016 and preparing for big things in the new year.

We hope that you’ve had a successful 2016, and wish all of you a prosperous and safe 2017.

Please enjoy this video, and be on the lookout for others from the firm in 2017.

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Video Summary

In 2016, we saw a lot of high profile people getting “fast and loose” with the truth and in some instances ignoring facts altogether.

We don’t endorse this approach at Sigmon Law, PLLC.  Our lawyers pay great attention to detail and place high emphasis on assisting our clients by uncovering the facts, using the evidence, and (ultimately) presenting the truth.

2017 Prediction

Our firm wide prediction for 2017 is that truth and the facts are going to make a resurgence.  In the coming months, Sigmon Law, PLLC will publish several videos dispelling some of the myths and misunderstandings about personal injury law (our main practice area), and informing the public about legal issues that impact everyday American citizens.

Thanks for visiting the site, we look forward to a great 2017.

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